There are Two Ways to fix dry Skin or overcome the winter effects on the skin.

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We can drink a lot of water, but thirst is very low in winter, so it is difficult to do this step completely the whole winter. Note – The average daily water for men is about 15.5 cups and for women about 11.5 cups.

2. We may prefer a good DIY that is safe for the skin, natural does not cause much harshness and gives us healthy skin. We can make this DIY with the material available at home

Tip 2

Everyone Can Use This Best Natural Facemask

To do a patch test, you can apply a little mixer on your neck and see whether it suits you or not


1. Honey – 1.5 Tbsp ( TableSpoon) 2. Rice Flour – 1 Tbss, if rice flour is not available then you can grind the rice in a grinder.l 3. Oatmeal Powder – 1 Tbsp, The Oats that we have for breakfast in the morning, just have to be grinded in a grinder and turned into powder, just like flour, 4. Yogurt – 1 Tbsp

– Protect the skin from sun damage. – It repairs the skin cells. – It absorbed excess oil on the skin. – it also exfoliates skin without being too harsh.

Benefits Of Honey – – It is an antibacterial natural compound. – it helps in locking moisture in the skin. – it is very good for the skin which becomes dry in winter.