Best and Perfect Solution to Regrow Lost Hair in Winter: Power Packed 2 Remedy for Your Hair

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Remedy to Regrow Lost Hair in Winter

Perfect Solution to Regrowing Lost Hair in Winter

There is no hair growth during winter? we have to oil our hair. Do you also agree with that? This power-packed remedy is definitely for you to regrow lost hair in Winter.

With the help of a remedy you can give growth to your hair and you will also be able to subside any hair issues like dandruff, itchiness and many more you can get relief from the problems that accrue on your scalp during the winter session.

Article By – Miss. Priyshi yadav

Regrow Lost Hair in Winter
Regrow Lost Hair in Winter

Even if you have bold patches, this remedy will help you gain not only your standards but also help regrowing lost hair in winter. and bring back your long-lost confidence.

A Two-step Remedy Process

So let’s talk about what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done.  Let us see what’s the remedy. A two-step remedy process, using which you can provide regrowth to your hair.

These steps have to be done one day each to make a routine.

Step 1 – Infusion Oil 

Step 2 – DIY Spray. 

You will finish off all the possible hair issues that might occur during winter and you will get only glosser, healthy hair and a very healthy scalp as well.

Haircare in Winter
Haircare in Winter

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Let’s talk about the ingredients that we will be using in a generous quantity to provide hair regrowth and subside all other hair issues. 


Fenugreek Seeds [ Methi Seeds] 

Winters have come 80 consume fenugreek in ample quantities, so that there is no vitamin deficiency in your body.

If your body is internally healthy then the external application will give results faster and you will say that this happened so easily. So you have to eat green leafy fenugreek for sure.

Next Step:-

You will need fenugreek seeds, which you will grind nicely and make a powder out of it. If you are comfortable then you can even order it online. either you can order fenugreek powder or you can grind fenugreek seed and achieve the powder.

Fenugreek Seed For Hair Growth Remedy
Fenugreek Seed For Hair Growth Remedy


Strain the powder because the seeds open up and the inside part is converted to the powder. Strain the mixture out of the blender and you will get a very fine powder, we have to make use of it.

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Step 1:- The very first step of this process is that we have to soak fenugreek seed overnight. when we soak the seeds overnight they swell up because they absorb the water and release their nutritional properties into the water.

Note:- This water out of soaked fenugreek seed is very healthy for our body. This can not be consumed in summer because it gives warmth to the body. That is why you can consume it in winter if you are looking for weight loss.

Otherwise, fenugreek seed water helps make your skin radiant. so you can consume it for that matter as well. Store this soaked water in a spray bottle and spray it properly on your scalp. you can do it on lengths as well.

Applying of Spary- 

But we are using this amazing nutrition for hair growth and growth happens from roots. you will go on doing the partition and spray the water on hair roots. And dab the scalp with gentle hands, so that roots absorb the water properly. And when you do it, you will feel your hair is becoming safer.

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If you grind the fenugreek seed, then you get a very slimy paste, and this property of fenugreek seed is transported to this water. That is why you will feel the slight softness but don’t worry it’s absolutely normal.

You will let this water onto your hair and after it gets completely absorbed in the hair roots, you can spray the water on your scalp in the morning and go around your chores in the morning.

And Follow Step 2 in the evening. 

Step 2:-

you will have to prepare oil for which we will need olive oil. you can use coconut oil also but it.  freezes during winters and needs to be melted again and again. If you want to escape from this mess, then you can use olive oil.

Though it’s expensive believe me after you prepare this oil, and after getting the good results, you will not find this expensive. so you have to take approximately 200ml of oil. if it’s cold-pressed, then nothing like it because cold-pressed oils are not at all exposed to heat.

Best Remedy to regrow lost hair in winter
Best Remedy to Regrow lost hair in winter


So if you are the first one to apply heat to the oil then there will be lots of nutrients intact to the oil, so it’s up to you, if the oil is cold-pressed present then it’s very good, but if it is not then it’s okay.

You can also use the Olive Oil that you consume. People get very confused that can we use the same oil that we consume. You can use that.

How to Prepare Hair Regrowth Oil?

Take approximately 200ml of olive oil. and add a big spoonful of fenugreek powder to the Oil.

  • Stir it well and keep it in a glass bottle.
  • keep it in sunlight
  • Fenugreek powder will slowly release its colour and nutrients into the oil.
  • You will keep this under the sun but not at night, bring it back inside. the room at night. and then again keep it under the skin the next day.

Do this for a week. 

After you do the infusion for a week under sunlight. It becomes very potent it is like another level remedy for your hair. You have to apply this Oil.

If you have sprayed the water on hair roots in the morning then apply this oil at weight with gentle hands. It’s better to apply oil only on the roots unit there is a major issue with lengths because we want hair growth and a healthy scalp, just make the best out of this oil.

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After massaging the oil properly on rent, keep the oil overnight, so that your hair and roots are properly nourished. Also, make sure that you apply this oil, and massage your scalp properly.

Do include this habit of heavy massage for your hair onwards.

How to Massage Your Hair for Regrowth?

Take oil in your hands, hold your hair and with the help of your palm massage your scalp properly, you are going to have very strong roots, which will not get damaged or fall off.

Winter is the best time when you can apply oils and hot oil spas, and you can strengthen your hair. 

Benefits of this Remedy

This application gives strength to your hair, and regrowth to your hair, it is also giving shine to your hair. It is also subsiding any hair-related issue that you have. It is a power-packed remedy for your hair.

FAQs Related to Regrow Lost Hair in Winter.

Q. Who can apply this oil?

Ans. Everyone can apply this oil ranging from a child to an old one. There is no harm, you will not have any problem at all.

Q. At what frequency is it to be used? 

Ans. Follow this remedy at least thrice a week. you can spray daily, there is no problem at all. But if you find dandruff on your scalp as some people tend to experience, due to fenugreek spray, then use this spray only before oiling and not otherwise.

Q. Are there any side effects? 

Ans. No, There is no side effect. if you are allergic to oil application you cannot say anything about it. but this is a very potent oil that strengthens your hair roots and lengthwise also.

Q. Can I apply this on my newborn baby’s scalp?

Ans. Do not apply any of the infusion oil on your baby’s scalp you can use almond oil, ghee and such baise soils on your baby’s scalp.

Q. I Cannot prepare this oil, so will my hair never become good? 

Ans. This is not at all to use, this is a very potent oil & ingredient. If you can avail this then make the most of it. If not, there are many other options available that are helpful and well application of only mustard seed oil could be the magic that you are waiting for.

Just believe in your remedy and do it yourself.


It is a two-step process, The first is to spray fenugreek water and let it dry. After that prepare the oil and apply it properly. and that’s all. If you follow both of these steps for entire winters, your hair will be completely transformed. 

There are many infusion oils in the market, just think about a DIY oil and you will get it in the market. But the oil that you prepare at home, investing a little energy for yourself, is very potent and gives amazing results.

The ultimate result depends on your regular and discipline towards this routine. you are bound to have an amazing result for yourself if you do as stated.  This winter season, you should give strength to your hair and make the stronger, Do share your beautiful experience with us.

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