Proven Tips to Increase Hair Density: Discover the #1 Best Remedy for Volume and Thickness!

Increase Hair Density

Proven Tips to Increase Hair Density, Volume and Thickness!

We are going to learn about a three-step remedy that will not only help you all to regrow hair long and fast but also cure major hair growth problems like How to increase Hair Density, volume and thickness.

But first, let’s know about hair density, For Two people who have the exact amount of hair on their heads, the braids of their hair may appear different.

Remedy for Increase Hair Density
Increase Hair Density

The Hair on the head of one person is very thin and has thin strands and the hair on the head of the other person has a thick person, because of this, the hair of both will look very different.

People who have very low hair density due to the hair strands – for that I would give you a golden remedy have – You can apply hence on your hair, which will give a very nice coating to your hair. Not only hair remedies, but many dimensions are going to be discussed. If you take care of them, then you can make the density of your hair as per your wish.

Remedy For Hair Density
Remedy For Hair Density


First of all, let’s talk about which standard hair density is good. 

  • Only that density with which you are happy is good.
  • If your hair is closed in the hairstyle you want to make if you are making a ponytail, It is looking healthy, you have the best density.
  • But if you feel that your hair should have a few more stands, your ponytail should be thicker, and your braid should look beautiful – So for, you have to work on the density of your hair.

How to Work?

The hair density, and the follicles of your hair, are constantly growing. That means some of your hair strands are rising right now, some are still in the rusting stage.

Note – Ultimately, there are 1 to 1.5 lakh hairs on your head, which you have to nourish properly.

  • If you have hair fall, that means your resting phase is more. your overall hair density appears to be very low.
  • But if your hair is very healthy, if it grows well, and thin your hair density seems fuller and thicker.
  • To fix the density, you have to do very simple remedies for yourself.

Many reasons why your hair density takes a very bad hit- I am discussing some of them over here-

1. Illness 

If you have been suffering from any long-term illness, there is a deficiency of many chemicals in your body, due to which you suffer hair fall and the overall density of your hair gets affected.


2. Stress

No Matter how small or how much work stress is, it affects your health very badly that’s why stress is one of the most potential reasons, due to which your hair density is getting affected in a very bad way.

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3. Pregnancy

A lot of things are going on in the body during pregnancy. Newborns take up all the nutrients of the body, due to which hair fall happens and the density of your hair gets affected.

Pregnancy (Pexel Image)

4. Lack of Care

there are many things, that you have to take care of your hair. We take a simple activity like combing your hair very tightly and it makes a whole lot of difference.

5. Nutritional Deficiency 

The most important reason is nutritional deficiency. The text means you are not having a proper meal. If in your body, there is a deficiency of B12 and Vitamin D, So you don’t have to go anywhere to find any remedy. Only and only these deficiencies have to be fulfilled by food and your body is going to be happy. You will get the density of your hair automatically.

Fruits to Keep Skin Hydrate
Nutrition For Hair Growth

Some more hair nutrients that are very important for the density of your hair, hair growth and its appearance are –

  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Vitamin ABCDE
  • Biotin
  • Protein.

With the help of Google, find all these protein-rich foods and add them is your diet. We all live in different versions, we are from different cultures and we all have different food habits. That’s why I’m telling you to make use of Google and find out the protein-rich food items.

Regrow Lost Hair in Winter
Regrow Lost Hair in Winter

Because human hair density is related to our pores and pores on our scalp. Therefore, we are going to do all the applications on the scalp. If you have time, you can do all these hair applications on the full length of your hair.

Remedy For Increase Hair Density and Volume 

Step1: Application of Aloe Vera Gel 

Those who suit Aloe vera should cut a leaf. Directly from the plant, invert it and keep it in a mug, in which water is already present so that all the yellow toxic substance comes out. Once it is out –

  • After this, cut the peel from the middle and apply this to your scalp directly. And you are going to be amazed.
  • Aloe vera is such a moisture, it provides beautiful moisture to your hair, provides oxygen to the hair, and is mineral also, which is great for density.
  • Your dead hair follicles appear healthy again they get life again.
  • If you follow it carefully and very well, you will see that your density looks very good.
  • Leave it on your hair for 1 hour.
  • You can massage with a light massage during the application and then tie your hair.


Aloe Vera Gel for Hair Growth
Aloe Vera Gel On Amazon Know More

Step2: Application of Oil

Now you have three choices as to which oil to apply

1st Choice – Coconut Oil + Castor Oil

Mix these two, heat them slightly and massage well on the scalp.

Natural Oils
Natural Oils

2nd Choice – Olive Oil + Castor Oil 

This also works very well for hair growth. because olive oil penetrates deeper along with the customer’s oil. And castor oil gives life to your hair follicles.

3rd Choice + Almond Oil 

Almond is an oil rich in all qualities.

  • During the application of the oil, please make sure, that you massage your hair follicles with gentle hands. so that the circulation of blood comes there.
  • So that the hair hair follicles that want to grow can get energy, can regenerate themselves.
  • It is very important to be gentle, we don’t have to stress them.

Step 3: Prepare a Mixture 

  • For this we need baby onion, if this is not available in your house, then you can use whatever onion is present.
  • Now you have to extract Juice from it.
  • In this, you have to take an equal amount of honey.

Honey is a healing for your hair. 

  • After mixing it well, apply it thoroughly on the scalp, then tie your hair well.
  • Then leave it on for an hour.
  • It is also strengthening your hair’s follicles.
  • This double process will not break your hair but will multiply it.
  • You are going to have faster and fuller hair growth and ultimately density.
  • After Keeping it on your scalp for 1 hour, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Its smell may remain in the hair for a while, so be mentally prepared.

After this, you should not apply anything to your hair, no serum, no oil, let it be.

Remedy to Regrow Lost Hair in Winter
Remedy to Regrow Lost Hair in Winter

Those who have a problem with onion, should not keep it on their hair for 1 hour, Just keep it only for some time and then wash your hair.

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FAQs Related to “Tips to Increase Hair Density” 

Q Frequency of this remedy? 

Ans. This has to be used three times a week apply all three steps and nothing else on your hair.

Q. Can Teenagers use it?

Ans. Yet definitely, they can use it.

Q. Is there any side effects?

Ans. No, there is no side effect.

Q. Can I store it? 

Ans. Do not keep it stored, because onion juice has been used. Make and apply fresh every time.

Q. How long for results?

Ans. Try this remedy at least for a month so that growth is visible results may vary for everyone. But results will be there.

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